Area Consulting was founded in 2013 by Enrico Gatti

Growing up in an environment surrounded by art through his father, who was a collector of Modern Art, Arte Povera and Trans Avant-Garde, Enrico developed an early passion for the arts. After his studies in Turin, he developed his career in the late 90s in New York, Miami and Chicago before returning to Milan and Lugano, consolidating a wide knowledge of the global market of Contemporary Art.

At Area Consulting we provide our customers with comprehensive feedback and advice on individual works of art or entire collections, utilizing the knowledge of a wide range of authoritative experts, scholars and professionals in various fields and periods.

Our clients range from private collectors to public galleries, and including collections managed by investment funds through private institutions. We specialize in the acquisition of works of art through private sales or auction, always in the strictest confidence and under the most appropriate conditions.





Private sales and acquisition

I operate within the global market as a liaison between artists and their audiences, including the sellers and collectors. I have a degree of specialist expertise in this field, and a large network around the world, which makes my knowledge parallel to those of curators and art historians. I combine a passion and knowledge of art history with my practical experience and understanding of the potential gains in the market. I have access to special resources that can be used to authenticate the works, collaborating with relevant experts of each individual artist. In addition to maintaining a permanent collection, I know the market position and locations of the most sought after artworks globally and can also proceed to “hunt” for any work upon request.

Art valuation

I provide an assessment service (estimate) of the works, offering the most appropriate price to guarantee the sale at the best return for the artist or seller.

Art investiment and art finance

My responsibility is to always be aware of the primary and secondary markets, without any personal economic interest that would compromise the independence of the advice that you are provided.


Available for informative meetings in Ginevra, Lugano, Milan and Rome

For information and appointments, please contact:

T. (IT) +39 328 7663733  T. (UK) +44 77 65645923  T. (CH) +41 76 4013733


Disclosure obligations for public disbursements (IT): http://www.rna.gov.it/RegistroNazionaleTrasparenza/faces/pages/TrasparenzaAiuto.jspx