Maria Savoldi (Iseo, 1988)

She studied sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. After graduating, she went on to specialise in graphic art.

She participated in “The Others”, Torino 2013 and “SetUp Art Fair 2014” with the Adiacenze gallery, where she has recently finished her solo exibition “4 CHILOMETRI PER ARRIVARE ALLE 7”.


  1. Maria Savoldi, “Il Doppio”, 2014, site specific installation in Iron, Mdf and concrete, cm 325x35x35 (Valcellina Il Doppio Award, Coltellerie Museum, Maniago)
  2. Maria Savoldi, “20 ‘, 15’, 10 ‘”, 2014, installation of three sculptures in iron and concrete, cm 18x11x9 each (Valcellina Il Doppio Award, Coltellerie Museum, Maniago)
  3. Maria Savoldi, “15 ‘”, 2014, iron and concrete, 18x11x9 cm (Valcellina Il Doppio Prize, Coltellerie Museum, Maniago)
  4. Maria Savoldi, “06a.m., 12p.m., 18p.m., 00a.m.”, 2014, wood and plaster iron, cm 20x25x9 cm, Private Collection